Achieving Peak Performance

What makes some organizations exceptional? A solid strategy and effective management are essential, but the keys to creating a high-performing organization is a shared purpose and a sense of community. By understanding and fulfilling six core psychological needs you can take your organization to the next level.

Are you ready to build an organization that:

  • People LOVE working for?

  • Delivers exceptional results?

  • Has a positive impact on your community?

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Kick-ass organizations align culture and strategy to drive performance and create extraordinary workplaces. An organization is, quite simply, a community of people working together to achieve a common goal. With this understanding - that people are at the centre of an organization - I have created a series of workshops to help you elevate your organization from good to great:

  • Wellbeing, Engagement, & Productivity. As human beings, we share basic psychological needs such as the need for connection, autonomy and purpose. When these needs are fulfilled, our wellbeing is enhanced and we become more engaged and productive. In this workshop, we will develop an understanding of our psychological needs and explore practical techniques for filling them.

  • Strategy + Culture = Results. Both strategy and culture influence behaviours and activities, and hence determine organizational performance. While strategy is typically set intentionally, culture usually evolves organically. In this workshop, we will explore how current organizational culture and management practices support and hinder strategy execution, and develop a plan for cultivating a supportive organizational culture.

  • Creating Shared Value. Great companies don't have to give back. By integrating social and environmental sustainability into their products, services, operations and supply chains, great companies create value for their consumers, employees, investors and communities. In this workshop, we will use the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to identify ways of creating shared value by acting responsibly and finding new opportunities.

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Management Coaching

To create a kick-ass organization, you need to develop kick-ass managers and leaders. And the best way to do that is in small peer groups, where managers help each other develop practical management and leadership skills through reflection and dialogue. As Seth Godin put it: 


"Learning in groups serves a crucial function ... it makes learning happen"


CoachingOurselves modules elevate peer-group coaching sessions from run-of-the-mill coaching to true action learning, where people work on real problems, take action, and learn as individuals and a team to improve the organization. This collaborative approach builds community as managers engage in a process of helping one another improve their practice of management, enhance soft skills, and collectively resolve current management and leadership issues. Each 90-minute CoachingOurselves module combines high-quality content, questions and exercises around a specific theme.

Set up CoachingOurselves in your workplace

CoachingOurselves modules are designed to be used by a team of managers within the workplace. With over 90 modules to choose from, CoachingOurselves programs can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Join a Community of Practice

Is your organization too small for an in-house program? Join a group of like-minded peers to develop your leadership and management skills together. These online peer-group coaching sessions take place weekly via video conference.

Kathleen Lane, MBA

Before anyone told me that changing organizational culture was hard, I did it. Several years ago, I was hired to manage a recreational program that was good, but not great. We had a decent team of instructors, the program was profitable, and the kids seemed to enjoy coming. But I knew things could be better.

In just two short years, I transformed the program from good to awesome. The instructors loved working for the program, and the kids loved coming. Parents started telling their friends. Our registration skyrocketed and our profitability doubled. I must have done something right, because several years after I left, I heard from the new office manager that my (former) program practically ran itself.

In 2015 I earned an MBA from UBC's Sauder School of Business, and ever since I've been studying leadership and management to help other organizations make the leap from good to great.


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