Achieving Peak Performance

How do people learn - and perform - at their best?


Achieving peak performance involves the developing the capabilities and mindset of the individual and creating an environment in which the individual can flourish. Too often, we get caught in the dichotomy - the individual or the environment - when in reality both are critical to peak performance.

Think of the athlete.

On competition day, the athlete arrives with skills honed through practice.

Their mindset determines how well they will apply those skills in competition.

And yet, athletic performance is not a one-time event. Athletes perform the skills of their sport over and over again in training. When completed purposefully and mindfully, each repetition teaches the athlete something, offering an opportunity to improve. A supportive training environment enables the athlete to apply their mental energy to purposeful practice.

The same is true in any context.

We learn and perform at our best when we are fully engaged in the task.

As individuals,

we can develop the mindset necessary to achieve the flow state more often.

As leaders, coaches, managers and employers,

we can foster an environment that supports a learning mindset and

peak performance.


Hi, I'm Kathleen.

I first developed an interest in psychology of performance as a competitive athlete, seeking the answer to "how can I perform better?" As I started coaching, the question evolved into "how can I help my athletes perform better?"

This question stuck with me throughout my career. I began noticing how physical and social environments affect learning and performance. I applied many of the principles of sports psychology to create a culture shift at work: when the instructors loved coming to work, the kids loved coming to class, and the program's profitability soared.

When I'm not busy developing leadership and governance training programs, you can find me rock climbing, backcountry skiing, trail running, doing yoga, or pondering how to apply the lessons I've learned about backcountry decision making and risk assessment in a corporate context.


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