Hi, I'm Kathleen

Here are some fun facts about me :)

  • I started coaching quite young. I used to compete in trampoline gymnastics, and I was so excited to share my love of the sport that I volunteered as an assistant coach for two years until I was old enough to become certified!

  • I earned an Aerospace Engineering degree (yes, I am a rocket scientist) before I figured out that people are more interesting than machines. Thank goodness I can apply my analytical and systems thinking skills to making human systems better!

  • I was a personal trainer when I decided that working one-on-one with people wasn't a very efficient way to help people live happier, healthier lives. So I set out to create healthier environments instead.

  • While managing UBC's Active Kids program I discovered that by giving all my staff raises, implementing a training and development program and increasing transparency I was able in increase enrolment by 50% and double our annual profits in just two years. Humanizing business works!

  • While running the Active Kids program I also discovered that business is fun! That's why I went to business school and earned an MBA from the UBC Sauder School of Business :)

  • When I’m not trying to make the world a better place, you can find me playing in the mountains: rock climbing, ski touring and running really, really long distances.



Mental Health Needs Assessment

UBC: Engaged faculty, staff and students in participatory action research to identify priorities for action to improve undergraduate student mental health

Teaching Practices & Student Wellbeing

UBC Student Wellbeing Promotion: Project manager and lead analyst for a TLEF-funded research project exploring how instructors design and teach their courses affect student wellbeing.

Bipolar Youth Action Project

CREST.BD: Qualitative data analysis of findings from the Bipolar Youth Action Group Forum to identify self-management strategies youth use to live well with Bipolar Disorder

Coordinating Chronic Disease Prevention

Provincial Health Services Authority: Engaged leaders from across the PHSA agencies to identify opportunities for collaboration and coordination to improve preventative health care

Sea to Sky Innovations in Mental Health

Mental Health Partnership Table: Worked with leaders from health and social services to identify priorities for mentally healthy communities in the Sea to Sky corridor

Squamish Community Environmental Scan

Canadian Cancer Society: Identified community health needs, barriers to healthy living and opportunities for health promotion to guide the Squamish health promotion strategy.