Management Coaching

Creating a better world requires more than great leadership. It requires great management. Great leaders can inspire others, and bring them on board, but you need great management to keep things running smoothly. Luckily, management skills can be learned and developed.

The social format of peer group coaching creates a powerful opportunity for practicing managers to reflect on their experiences and develop new ideas and insights to bring forward into heir work. During the session participants coach one another by discussing and reflecting on content written by world-renowned business leaders.

CoachingOurselves sessions are offered publicly and privately. Each 90-minute session creates opportunities for conscious managers and business leaders to connect, share experiences, and consider management theories and concepts to stimulate reflection, learning and action. With over 90 modules to choose, from CoachingOurselves programs can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. 

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Accountability: It's a Tricky World

Accountability seems to be a simple enough idea. But if it’s that simple, why are accountabilities a perennial challenge even for experienced managers?




Consider the concept of strategy as a plan, pattern, position and perspective and the various processes used to develop strategy as they apply to the needs of your organization.


Dealing with the Pressures of Managing

The pressures of managing are constant, not temporary: in other words, pressure in this job is business as usual. How is anyone supposed to think, let alone think ahead, amidst the chaos?


The Five Mindsets of Managing

In this series of six sessions, leaders are introduced to the the five mindsets of managing. Through dialogue and sharing experiences, participants will develop their skill managing:

  • Self

  • Organizations

  • Context

  • Relationships

  • Change

$300 for all six sessions

Custom CoachingOurselves Programs

With over 90 modules to choose from, CoachingOurselves programs can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Prices start at $400 per person.