Instructional Designer

Creating interactive and engaging learning experiences that support individual and organizational performance.

As an Instructional Designer, I draw on best practices in adult education, design, psychology, and systems theory to create eLearnings, in-person trainings, and other performance support solutions.


The process involves

  • Analyzing organizational needs and training context;

  • Designing and developing the curriculum and training materials, drawing in the expertise of subject matter experts;

  • Implementing the training; and

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the training.

In my role at Vantage Point, I create curriculum and e-learning experiences to support not-for-profit leaders in the areas of governance, leadership, human resources, and organizational planning. Outside this role, I am available on a contract basis to create training curriculum and learning resources in my two areas of specialization.

Areas of Specialization

Mountain Sports

Curriculum and resources to support safety and skill development among recreationalists and leaders in the outdoor industry.

Leadership and Management

Applying lessons in psychology, risk, decision making and group dynamics to support business success and create a positive workplace culture.

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