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Leadership Lessons from the Backcountry

Successful mountain adventures involve a blend of technical expertise, fitness, and — most importantly — the personal awareness and group leadership skills to make good decisions under conditions of stress and uncertainty. The lessons I have learned about mental training, fear, focus, communication, group dynamics, risk, and decision making have not only benefited my alpine pursuits, but have also supported success in my personal, professional and volunteer life.

Now offering 1:1 leadership coaching and customized leadership courses for your organization.

Sample topics include:

  • Awareness of how conscious and subconscious beliefs and values affect performance

  • Cultivating a growth mindset

  • How ego and self-identity shape our perception of what is possible, and therefore the effort we are able to give to a challenge

  • Focus attention: awareness, focus on what you can give to performance

  • Accept responsibility (in the situation) instead of wishing things were different or blaming others/circumstances

  • Make choices based on the best information available at the time - Differentiate between real and perceived risk

  • How cognitive biases affect decision making, and how these change in different social situations

  • Psychological factors that lead us to unknowingly take on more risk than intended

  • How to create a group dynamic where all participants are comfortable voicing their perspective

  • Strategies for making better decisions in high-stress situations

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