• Kathleen

Inspiration & Reality

Not too long ago I came across this gorgeous video of Laruga Glaser demonstrating ashtanga yoga. I absolutely love how calm and peaceful she looks while performing incredible feats of athleticism.

I am just beginning a regular yoga practice, and Glaser is 20+ years into one, so obviously I can't compare myself. Something I have always been curious about is the limits of our individual potential. Is Glaser's strength and flexibility something that is available to anyone who dedicates their time and energy to regular practice? Or is she genetically gifted in some way? The same question applies to all yoga instructors. They all look so naturally bendy. Were they born that way?

I can tell you that I was not born flexible.

And yet, back in my gymnastics days, I became quite flexible. I could do the front splits on both legs, and over splits on my left leg. I could flatten my stomach against my legs in a pike (forward fold). Since leaving gymnastics, all that flexibility has disappeared. Here's where I am today: